Monday, December 26, 2005

State of Love

Jin Prem Keeo Tinn Hee Prabh Paaeo, the one who loves the Lord I.E. loves the Lords creation will no doubt become one to one with the him.

A physical and spiritual state of love is the most beautiful state of mind to be in.

How do we reach this state of mind?
Only through Simran (meditation). When we contemplate the name of the Lord Athai Pehar (24 hours) Saas Saas (with every breath) in the mind, the mind body and soul are converted in to the state of love.

Har Jupeeai Aaraadheeai Aath Pehur Govindh
Chant the Lord's Name and contemplate the Lord of the World, twenty-four hours a day.

This state of mind is not easily attained it could take many many life times and a lot of Abhiyaas. To contemplate the lords name we listen to the lords name in our minds with contemplation, eg Vaa hi Gu roo, (great is the Guru), this is what the Shabad Vahiguroo means, once we can train our minds in to listening and contemplating at the same time, we will be blessed with Prem Ras, Naam Ras , Amrit Ras. Once we have tasted this Ras then other worldly tastes seem very bitter.

Gurumukh Mun Sumujhaaeeai Aathum Raam Beechaar
The Gurmukhs train their minds to contemplate the Lord, the Supreme Soul. 2
Har Rus Bin Sabh Suaadh Fikureeaa
but without the sublime essence of the Lord, all tastes are tasteless. 3

People in general always talk about love but most people who talk about love have not got a clue how powerful this word is and should not be used very often, because to know about love we have to experience it first and this only comes from contemplating Naam, for those who do not understand: when we do enough Abhiyaas, Naam becomes a natural contemplation so it is nothing to worry about, just keep on meditating Athai Pehar. The word love means, to love something more than ourselves I.E replacing ego by the love of the lords name. As Singh Sahib Jogee Harbhajan Singh says “love is the experience of sacrifice in ones self”.

Bhai Sahib Bhai Kanaeiya Jee was a massive inspiration of love in the Panth. This is one Saakhee (story) that probably all of us know about. When the Mughals were in battle with Gursikhs, Bhai Sahib Jee went round with a sack of water and quenched the thirst of most if not all injured soldiers on the battle field regardless of whether they were Muslims or Sikhs. The Sikhs complained to Guru Jee, that Bhai Sahib was helping the Muslims in battle, Guru Jee in turn questioned Bhai Sahib. Bhai Sahib said I only gave water to wherever I saw your roop (face). Guru Jee is Ghat Ghat Ke Antar Kee Jaanat (the knower of all hearts) blessed Bhai Sahib and said this is my true Sikh. The Muslims were humbled by this amazing human being and did not have it in them to attack (power of love). Bhai Sahib must have reached the amazing state of oneness with the lord, only Vahiguroo knows.

What does the love of the lord do to our being?
Our body is filled with totally pure and positive energy, this creating an aura which other spirits are attracted to, our eyes start to shine and are imbued with love, this is also an attraction to other beings seeing true love in a Humans eyes. One way of looking at this is through a worldly situation, Man thinks he falls in love with Women, his eyes show affection towards the opposite sex. A Gursikhs eyes are always imbued in the lords love Athai Pehar, one perfect example that springs to mind is Late Bhai Rama Singh Jee from Southall UK. Gursikhs are also blessed with lalee (radiant faces), this is also an attraction for other humans. When the mind reaches a state of total Naam Ras (pure love through Naam 24/7) then whatever one touches, sees or feels is also blessed through Naam, anything this Gurmukh thinks about will come true.

Man Chindiaa Phal Paaeinda Mere Govinda.

Naam Ras also creates a genuine smile on the Gurmukh who is imbued in this sublime substance of Naam, the way he/she walks, talks and does things is totally different from normal human beings, Bhagtaa Kee Chaal Niraalee (The way of the Saints is most distinct, Anand Sahib), also in this stage ones way of thinking and physically doing becomes very slow, aware and focussed, one is in total control of this mind, pure love pores out of ones being, as God is love. This Gurmukh reaches a beautiful stage of Sehaj (intuitive peace poise Nirvaana). Everything he/she does in this worldly life is blessed, life becomes very easy and stress free to live in, the spirit is free and the mind is purified.

BENTEE: Lets all do Ardaas from our spirit and surely Guru Jee will bless us with this beautiful state of mind and most of all this life is not ours it is Guru Jees, we humbly granted it to him when he blessed us with Amrit so whatever we do in this life it should be for Chardeekalaa (higher spirits) of the Guru Khalsa Panth.

har chouthurree laav man sehuj bhaeiaa har paaeiaa bal raam jeeo
In the fourth round of the marriage ceremony, my mind has become peaceful; I have found the Lord.
gurumukh miliaa subhaae har man than meethaa laaeiaa bal raam jeeo As Gurmukh, I have met Him, with intuitive ease; the Lord seems so sweet to my mind and body.
har meethaa laaeiaa maerae prubh bhaaeiaa anadhin har liv laaee The Lord seems so sweet; I am pleasing to my God. Night and day, I lovingly focus my consciousness on the Lord.
mun chindhiaa ful paaeiaa suaamee har naam vujee vaadhaaee I have obtained my Lord and Master, the fruit of my mind's desires. The Lord's Name resounds and resonates.
har prabh thaakur kaaj ruchaaeiaa dhun hirudhai naam vigaasee The Lord God, my Lord and Master, blends with His bride, and her heart blossoms forth in the Naam.
jun naanuk bolae chouthee laavai har paaeiaa prubh avinaasee Servant Nanak proclaims that, in this, the fourth round of the marriage ceremony, we have found the Eternal Lord God. 42

There are 4 stages in the Wedding ceremony, this is the 4th and final stage, when the spirit is united with Vahiguroo.

BENTEE: Saadh Sangat Jee lets not waste our time in gossip, slander, talking about other Jathebandeea, there is only one Jathebandee (Khalsa Panth). Gursikhs are only involved in Jathebandeea to do Panthik Sevaa, or serve Vahiguroo, if they are involved for any other reason, it is the wrong reason, we should not be attached to these Jathebandeea or the Gursikhs that are in them, these are all Guru Jees organizations and Gursikhs, it is attachment and disagreement in views which cause problems in the Panth, please lets accept other Gursikhs views as Bhaana, (Vahiguroos will) and learn not to debate as all this worldiness only comes through ego and will not do anything for our Jeevan (life) or the Khalsa Panth.

If Guru Gobind Singh Jee was still here in body Daas is sure we would look at each other in a totally different light. Guru Granth Sahib Jee is the embodiment of the 10 Gurus.

eik pul khin visurehi thoo suaamee jaano burus puchaasaa
If I were to forget You, for a moment, even for an instant, O Lord Master, it would be like fifty years for me.

Lets ask ourselves how many breathes do we miss without the lords name, so as Gursikhs how many years of simran have we missed, if we consider 1 breath to be 50 years of life.

Friday, December 09, 2005


‘Rehit Piaaree Mujh Ko, Sikh Piaaraa Naahee’ ’Rehit Binaa Na Sikh Kahaavai, Rehit Binaa Dar Chotaa Khaavai’

In these 2 Pangteeaan, Guru Jee explains the importance of Rehit. Mahaaraaj says a Gursikhs discipline is of more importance to me, without this discipline he is not worthy of being called a ‘Sikh’.

Maharaaj says without physical and mental discipline in life, I will not call he/she a Sikh, he/she will struggle in life without discipline.

Daas’ personal view on Panth Parvaan Rehit is to the bare minimum is 5 Kakaar, 7 Baneeaa, 3 times Ardaas, 2 times Kanghaa, Ishnaan in the morning before starting Nitnem. Please forgive this Daas if anything has been missed out in the basic Rehit. Just ask any Rehitvaan Gursikh (strict Sikh) they will fill you in about Rehit.

Many Abhiyaasee Gursikhs extend this basic Rehit by adding more discipline to their lives. The reason they do this is because they understand the path to Vahiguroos darshan (divine vision) is a very difficult path, so this Paath helps improve to purify the mind.

What do Gursikhs do to add too this basic Rehit?

They keep an Amritvelaa, ambrosial hours this can mean from waking up at 12 am onwards to 3am, this is known as the Theejaa Pehar (3rd watch of the night). The 1st watch starts at 6pm. Daas knows of some gursikhs who would start their Amritvelaa at 9pm and stand in the Sarovar at Siree Harmandar Sahib for 14 hours without moving. This Singhs name was Shaheed Bhai Dalbeer Singh Abhiyaasee. He never spoke to anyone, his link was just with the divine lord Vahiguroo and he would not break this link for no one.

As he stood in the divine Sarovar, the fish at the bottom would bite his ankles and feet, but he was not effected as his concentration was at extremely high levels. Sant Jarnail Singh Jee Khalsa Bhindraawale did not approve of this, as he believed without a perfect body we can not be Khalsa, he humbly requested Bhai Dalbeer Singh not to do this type of practice, which in turn Bhai Dalbeer Singh humbly accepted.

After waking up the first thing we do is have ishnaan (bath) whilst meditating all the time. After ishnaan we sit in seated meditation for as long as we can, Daas believes a minimum 2 hours, then we recite our Baaneeaa. Abhiyaasee Gursikhs are also in love with Gurbaanee, so a lot of them recite more Baaneeaa than the Panj Piaare commanded them. For example, Sukhmani Sahib, Aasaa Dee Vaar, Dakni Oangkaar, Sidh Gosth, Bhavan Akhree, Jaitsiree Dee Vaar, Ramkalee Kee Vaar, Basant Kee Vaar. There are so many Baaneeaa we can recite depending on the time we have. Then we do Ardaas and our worldly affairs begin, we go to work, to school etc, doing this we should be in link with the divine lord Vahiguroo at all times. Simran should carry on athai pehar (24 hours); no slacking!

Ang 305 Fourth Mehl:

gur sathigur kaa jo sikh akhaaeae s bhulukae outh har naam dhiaavai
One who calls himself a Sikh of the Guru, the True Guru, shall rise in the early morning hours and meditate on the Lord's Name.

oudhum kurae bhulukae purubhaathee eisunaan kurae anmrith sar naavai
Upon arising early in the morning, he is to bathe, and cleanse himself in the pool of nectar.

oupudhaes guroo har har jup jaapai sabh kilavikh paap dhokh lehi jaavai
Following the Instructions of the Guru, he is to chant the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. All sins, misdeeds and negativity shall be erased.

fir churrai dhivus gurubaanee gaavai behadhiaa outhadhiaa har naam dhiaavai
Then, at the rising of the sun, he is to sing Gurbani; whether sitting down or standing up, he is to meditate on the Lord's Name.

jo saas giraas dhiaaeae maeraa har har so gurasikh guroo man bhaavai
One who meditates on my Lord, Har, Har, with every breath and every morsel of food - that GurSikh becomes pleasing to the Guru's Mind.

jis no dhaeiaal hovai maeraa suaamee this gurasikh guroo oupudhaes sunaavai
That person, unto whom my Lord and Master is kind and compassionate - upon that GurSikh, the Guru's Teachings are bestowed.

jun naanuk dhoorr mungai this gurasikh kee jo aap jupai avureh naam jupaavai
Servant Nanak begs for the dust of the feet of that GurSikh, who himself chants the Naam, and inspires others to chant it. 2

Gursikhs also add to their personal physical Rehit. Some Gursikhs become Sarbloh Bibekee, some always wear Baanaa, some extra Shastars, more Kare, bigger Damale (turbans) etc. The reason Gursikhs do this is only to strengthen their mind, to avoid it wandering whilst in connection with the divine and to improve concentration.

If these rehits are kept for any other reason (for show etc) they become a hindrance to us and slow down progression, which in return becomes hypocrisy (pakhand) and ego. This is the reason why alot of Gursikhs keep their personal Rehit Gupt (secret), to avoid collision with ego.

These Rehits are of no purpose to us if we do not Japnaa Naam (meditate). Some Gursikhs say you have to keep certain Rehits (Sarbloh Bibek etc) to become Pooran (pure), Daas humbly disagrees with this because if these Rehits are not kept with Naam it does help our focus and concentration. Please refer to a previous post for more details titled ‘Sarbloh Bibek’.

Those Gursikhs that Japnaa Naam athe pehar and keep this Rehit, Daas puts his sees (head) in their Charan, for this is a very difficult Rehit to keep.

maeree khuluhun muujurrae gurasikh huntaadhae
Alas! Were it so that shoes made of my skin were used by the Sikhs of the Guru.

Gursikhan ki har dhoor de, hum paapee pee ghat paae
O lord please bless me with the dust of guru ji’s Sikhs, save me I am a sinner.

hasundhiaa khaelundhiaa painundhiaa khaavundhiaa vichae hovai mukath
While laughing, playing, dressing and eating, he is liberated. 2

Daas would like to take this opportunity to apologise to any Sikh I have offended, please do Ardaas for this Daas, as I am still a child, please take what you think is good and leave what you think is bad in Daas’s cholee.

All that Daas yearns to see is a Fauj (army) of Abhiyaasee Gursikhs, please help the Panth and the Sansaar (world) by Japping Naam Athai Pehar.

Rehit Piaaree Mujh Ko, Sikh Piaaraa Naahee’ ’Rehit Binaa Na Sikh Kahaavai, Rehit Binaa Dar Chotaa Khaavai’


Importance Of Amrit

The true king (Guru Mahaaraaj) has stated, ‘Pritham Rehit Ehu Jaan, Khandey Kee Pahul Chakey’. This is known as the first form of discipline in the Sikh religion, without taking Khande Baatai Dee Pahul (Amrit) from the Panj Piare in Guru Mahaaraaj’s hazooree (presence) one can not be called a Sikh of the Guru, Gursikh.

Personally, Daas believes one should keep his/her Rehit (all discipline), read as much banee as he or she can, do Naam Japan Vale Gursikhan Dee Sangat, meditate as often as possible, keep a 2 o’clock Amritvelaa, go to Rainsvaaees and practice to sit in the Sangat all night. One should practice all this for a good 2 years before taking Guru Mahaaraaj’s Amrit. This Amrit is very powerful, for only the truly blessed ones receive it, only ones with good past Karam (deeds) receive this bounty. This opportunity should not be wasted. Guru Gobind Singh Jee took 5 heads for this Amrit and begged the 5 Singhs to also bless him with Amrit. This Amrit does not come cheap.

In Bhai Sahib Bhai Randheer Singhs time Gursikhs would have to sit through a 48 hour Akhand Paath (non-stop reading of Guru Granth Sahib Jee) to prove they were suitable enough to receive the Nectar of life. Are we really ready to give our heads when it matters?

'Jo Tho Prem Khelan Kaa Chaao, Sir Dhar Thali Gali Meri Auo.'

Are we ready to play the game of love? If so then put your head on the palm of your hand and walk my path says the Guru.

What does this mean?

This means we have to kill ourselves not physically, but mentally, kill our ego, this is not an easy game to play. How do we kill ourselves? How do we kill our ego? This is all that Daas has talked about in previous posts, there is only one way to kill our ego, and purify this filthy mind which has travelled through many life forms and now is totally black. To cleanse our mind and make it Nirmal (pure) we have to meditate (Simran) athai pehar (24 hours). This is the only time our soul will become one to one with Vahiguroo again.

Without Amrit there is no Mukhtee (liberation). As a Gursikh no matter how much we meditate, read Banee and do Sangat etc, if we have not taken Guru Jees amrit we will not be liberated, Amrit is a must take for a Gursikh.

If we take amrit and don’t meditate much, keep our barlee (outwardly) rehit, we will come back to Earth only as a Human being until this filthy mind is purified, this is the power of Guru Jees Amrit.

If we meditate a lot and think we do not need Amrit, we will come back in to the total cycle of rebirths, this meaning as any being, Dog, Cat etc, the reason for this is that subconsciously we think we are clever (SiaaNap) and we do not need Amrit. Therefore, in reality we are meditating in sheer ego.

If we meditate a lot and do not get the chance to take Amrit but this is the goal we are striving for, then Guru Jee will bless us with Amrit in our next life.

‘Ghat Ghat Ke Antar Kee Jaanat Bhale Bure Kee Peer Pacchaanat.’

Guru Jee knows what is going on in every ones hearts, who is good and who is bad. The main thing is we need to be in control of our subconscious mind and see where it lies. This is why genuine love through Naam is the universes largest power. When we take Amrit we drink beautiful ambrosial nectar created by the Panj Piaare, this nectar has the power of Guru Sahib as it was created by Guru Sahib. The Panj Piaare must be very spiritual, as they are preparing the nectar through their concentration, this is a very powerful Sevaa (service), this should not be done if we are not ready for it. We need to be strict in our physical and mental Rehit. After this initiation ceremony, we have to drink this Amrit in every second, breath of our life, if we do not drink this Amrit in every breath of our lives this means the vows we gave Guru Jee were false and through ego. This is the reason Daas believes it is very important to prepare your Kheth (mental physical body) through meditation (Simran) for a good two years before taking Amrit as in this time the Simran becomes a part of our life. After taking amrit is where our life begins.

Mahaaraaj says this Amrit (nectar) we drink at the Amrit Sanchaar (ceremony) rises from the naval Chakra (waist) to the Crown Chakra at the Dasam Duaar, when Guru Jee blesses us with Abhiyaas (strict practice of Simran).

Oopar Koop Gagan Panihaaree Amrit Peevanehaaraa
The Well is high up in the Tenth Gate; the Ambrosial Nectar flows, and I drink it in.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Spiritual Points

* Never keep anything Negative inside the heart

* Watch our Ego, listen only when we need to

* Watch our mind, accept his will with Love

* Listen to the full Shabad with Love

* Vaa Hi Gu Roo 'Great is the Lord'

* Repeat his Name with every breath and Love him

* Watch your Negative thoughts, see why they occur label them, for example, Lust, Anger, Ego; and then get rid of them.

* Never discuss your suffering with anyone apart from Guru Jee, sought it out inside your own Heart and Mind and then let it go, otherwise we make things worse.

* Give the World and your Family love, they do not understand any other language

* Never say 'No' unless you really have to

* Never do a deed in which your family will suffer, our Sikhe starts at home

* We should experience Naam Ras every time we repeat his Name

* Have compassion for peoples state of mind, just like Guru Nanak did for Sajjan Thag, Kauda Raakshas and many more

* If you want to make a difference in the world, you have to do it yourself with Guru's Kirpa (blessing), don’t rely on others, no one will stand by you

* The word 'Love' means loving something more than we love ourself, so if we love Vahiguroo we have to love his creation more than ourself

* Become the dust of the feet of all beings

* Have love, the spirit is love when we meditate on the Name

* We should know when to give love especially to the needy

* We should control our vices they should not control us, control the mind

* Meditate on Naam, Ik Ras (one rhythm, Sehaj), this keeps the mind in total control

* This is a path between you and Guru Sahib, never worry about what other people or Gursikhs think about you

* Battle with the mind every second

* Keep the mind controlled only through the Shabad

* Always think about Sevaa with Simran, always look to do good deeds, help people out, put people before the self

* Don’t think about any situation in life before or after doiing in it, face it whilst your in it and learn to focus, meditate whilst involved

* Amritvelaa; concentrate fully on Naam, listen to it, hear it. During Amritvelaa we should be Saavdhaan, don’t fall asleep, very important. Only mind control will bring all fruits for the spirit, eg Darshan. Do not go into Sukh Nindra (Peaceful sleep/Bismaadh) as there is no progression in this stage, as mentioned in a previous post titled 'Bismaadh'

* Sehaj Bilovo Jaise Tat Na Jai (meditate slowly so you do not loose the true essence of the Shabad from your inner ears)

* Don’t take Kattarpuna (strictness) to the extremes, live like Vahiguroo would; love and truth is everything

* Lets work at our Jeevan (life) slowly, don’t try too hard because it just leads to frustration and no development. It takes lifetimes to develop a beautiful Jeevan, so we just have to learn how to “BE”

* Always stay in control of the subconscious mind, watch it don’t let it run away

* In Sikhe there is no right way or wrong way to meditate, always be aware Naam is with you

* Live our lives in Sehaj (intuitive poise). Every situation we get ourselves in to should be skilfully handled in Sehaj

* Never let go of the habad even for a second or the mind will run away in to evil thoughts, creating evil actions this knocks the mind out of balance

* When we meditate with great concentration, for example, Amritvelaa we experience Naam Ras. This is when we have created an overwhelming amount of energy in our bodys. This energy then has to be controlled, the only way to control it is to stay fully focused on the Shabad, if not this energy will cause us to get silly and immature

* Love will come through Simran because it is a positive energy but we need to be in control of it, we should control when to give it, how much to give, not give any at all if it helps the situation of truth, the love will always be in the heart but controlled by us

* Don’t think too much, do things slowly, don’t try too hard, be thoughtful before making any decisions whether it being physical, mental or verbal

* Only do any two things at once, meditation being one, 2nd materialistic because we live in society, when the 3rd enters, the mind looses focus of any one of the other two

* Ask Guru Sahib for anything, he is always close, remember if you ask you have to learn to have faith as it will come true (spirit connection)

* Make your GOAL in life to be like Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Jee. A human being with all the qualities of God, a pure Saint-Soldier (Sant Sipaahe)

* Stay fully focussed on the Shabad, speak only when you need to, don’t be afraid to speak the truth

* Try to speak only when you are spoken to

* Daas would just like to finish off by saying all these points that have been spoken about are only developed through Naam Abhiyaas

BENTI: There should be only one Jathebandee (organisation), this being of NAAM

Saturday, December 03, 2005

How Do We Do Simran?

Daas feels very upset when ‘Amritdhari Gursikhs’ approach to me and ask ‘how do we do simran?’ Worst of all is when these Gursikhs have been Amritdhari for some time. Majority of the time Daas is led to believe it is not all their fault. Sikhi is a very spiritual religion, infact, probably the most spiritual religion ever created and ever to be created. However, how can we be spiritual and call ourselves Gursikhs without meditation (Simran).

Ik Pal Khin Visrehi Too(n) Suaamee Jaanao Baras Pachaasaa
If I were to forget You, for a moment, even for an instant, O Lord Master, it would be like fifty years for me.

Daas’ opinion is when Abhilaakees (Candidates for Amrit) go to take Amrit, it is the duty of the Panj Piaare (Five beloved ones) to teach these Gursikhs how to do Simran and the Panj Piaare should also be Jeevan vale Singhs, Abhiyaasee Singhs, (very spiritual). This is so they can inform the Abhilaakees about ups and downs that they may face in their lives, different stages of spirituality, Amritvela, Athai Pehar Simran (24 hours simran) etc, so, the Abhilaakees get a fine idea that the path they are going to tread on is not easy and it is the strict path of meditation, leading us in reunion with Vahiguroo again.

Daas is a firm believer in sharing Spiritual wisdom, as it improves our Jeevan (life) and someone else’s Jeevan aswell.

Aap Japo, Avraa Naam Japaavo
(Meditate yourself and inspire others to meditate).


If we have not been taught how to meditate by the Panj Piaare, Daas recommends one should go and present ourselves (pesh) to the five beloved ones, as they will teach us meditation. Daas know of one Jathebandee that carry’s out this type of practice, namely the Akhand Keertanee Jathaa, there may be more. All Panthik Panj Piaare should carry out this type of practice, for the upliftment of the Panth.
BASICS OF SIMRANFirst of all we meditate out loud using our lips and tongue, as you can imagine this type of practice can not be carried out 24 hours a day (Athai Pehar).

KhaR Dargaihi Painaaeeai Mukh Har Naam Nivaas
They are dressed in robes of honor in the Court of the Lord; the Name of the Lord
is on their lips. 3

Secondly comes Swaas Swaas Simran. This is what the five beloved ones teach us, even this practice becomes difficult do 24 hours a day, because of worldly affairs etc. Bhai Raghbir Singh Bir, in Bandginama, talks about this practice, he says, “When you say Vah you breathe in and when you say Guroo you breathe out”

Saahi Saahi Thujh Sunmulaa Kudhae Na Visaaraeo
With each and every breath, I dwell upon You; I shall never forget You.

Third comes meditating in the mind and contemplating the Shabad. So, basically listening to the Mantar and contemplating it at the same time, this can only be achieved through dedication and plenty practice. When we contemplate the Shabad we think about how beautiful Vahiguroo is and he created this beautiful creation, automatically ‘Vah Vah’ (Great, Great) comes out of our mouth; this naturally gives us Naam Ras, Prem Ras, Amrit Ras. Daas will write about this subject in depth later on. Now this is the time we can do Simran Athai Pehar (24 hours) without anyone knowing what is going on inside, but we are in total ecstasy, people will know there is something different about us but they will not know what, as their spirits will be attracted to ours without their body knowing. AURA ENERGY PRESENCE.

Gurmukh Man Samjhaaeeai Aatham Raam Beechaar
The Gurmukhs train their minds to contemplate the Lord, the Supreme Soul. 2

Then comes the fourth stage when the concentration of the Shabad goes in to the Dasam Duaar, this is an amazing stage because life becomes very easy and meditation carries on by itself in Sehaj (peace). We just accept Guroo Sahibs Bhaana (will) as sweet, our mind is not affected by any negative thoughts or actions at all just Anand and Sehaj (peace and poise) total contentment. The concentration has reached the crown Chakraa and there is no coming back down, total upliftment. This stage comes with Mahaaraj’s blessings and past Karam (deeds) plus plenty of Abhiyaas.

Hirdhae Pargaas Giaan Gur Gunmith Gagan Manddal Mehi Dhiaanaanaa
My heart is illuminated by spiritual wisdom; meeting the Guru, I meditate in the Sky of the Tenth Gate.

Oodh Kaval Jis Hoe Pargaasaa Tin Sarab Niranjan Deethaa Jeeo
Those, whose inverted lotus of the crown chakra is illuminated, see the Immaculate Lord everywhere.

Daas would just like to finish off by saying Simran in Sikhi is not about technique for meditation, it is about loving the Lord Vahiguroo and what he created.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Khalsa Raaj

Raaj Karega Khalsa Akee Rahe Na Koee

Is this true? Will there ever be a Khalsa Raaj?

Yes, this is true, there will be a Khalsa Raaj as stated above, only the pure will have power.

When will this Khalsa Raaj come?

This Khalsa Raaj will only come when we, as Amritdhari Gursikhs purify our minds. First of all we need to do Raaj over our minds, and then every worldy Raaj will come running behind.

How do we do Raaj over our mind?

There is only one way to do Raaj over our mind and that is to conquer this filthy mind through the love of the Lord, Vahiguroo's name, Athai Pehar (24 hours a day) Simran in the Dasam Duar (10th gate - highest state of conciousness). This will happen when the Surat (concentration) goes there through Abhiyaas. The concentration becomes one-to-one with the Shabad and that is where the game truly begins; there is no coming back from this one experience, this ecstacy, this amazing Ras, this amazing substance! That is why in Gurbani Mahaaraaj has called Naam a drug (amal) once we are hooked on to it not even a cold turkey can pull us off , unlike Heroin addicts.

The concentration of naam keeps us buzzing and uplifted, we should never feel down. Drenched in this sublime essence of Naam, now comes 'Gurmukh Rome Rome Har Dhiaavai' - This is when ever pore on our body starts repeating Vahiguroo's name. Gursikhs think it is very difficult to get to these stages, but no, it is very easy with Mahaaraaj's blessing and past Karam (deeds) it is easily obtained. The reason we don’t get to these higher stages in Simran is simply because we desire these stages, once we start to desire these stages then progression becomes painfully slow because then comes the stage of actually keeping your desired stages; this ultimately means that progression comes to sudden halt.

Another major point is that Gursikhs must not frown upon any other Jathebandee or upon any Gursikhs, this will lead to problems within the Panth, we must coem to realise that the Joth (light) of God is contained within every single thing.

Daas will now finish by reciting a beautiful Pangtee from Guru Arjan Dev Jee's Bani. 'RAAJ NA CHAHOON, MUKHT NA CHAHOON, MAN PREET CHARAN KAMLAARE.' I do not seek Power and I do not seek Liberation, my mind is in love with your lotus feet (Guru Granth Sahib Jee, Ang 534). This is the only time we get Khalsa Raaj in the true sense, because every Amritdhari Gursikh there is in the Panth will not desire Khalsa Raaj, he or she will simply want the love of Guru Sahibs lotus feet; and then comes 'MAN JEETAI, JAG JEET', if you can conquer your mind, then you can conquer the universe, which in turn brings:

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