Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A mistake

In a post last month Daas mentioned something at the end of the post about Bismaadhee. Daas said that the best time to go into the state of Bismaadhee is Amritvelaa. Daas begs the Sangat for forgiveness as this is not the case. Going into the state of Bismaadhee or Sukh Nindraa -Sleep of peace is tempting and we don't feel like coming out of it. After venturing further into the state of Bismaadhee, Daas has found that in our Amritvelaa Abhiyaas we should be fully concious and not delve in this state, because if we do then we will never make any progress in our Abhiyaas and will be stuck in the same position for years.

Therefore, in our Amritvelaa Abhiyaas, we should be concious of our meditation; however tempting it may be to go into certain states. We must also remember that we live a Gristhee Jeevan (householders life) and like we have a duty to Vaheguru, we also have a duty to humanity and our family. If we renunciate (Tyaag) everything just to go into Sukh Nindraa (Which is very tempting, you will know when you experience it) then it is fatal to our relationship with regards to family life and friends. It is our duty to spread the message of love to everyone regardless of religion, race, caste or creed. We should always aspire for higher and higher stages, then our aura becomes extraordinary. If you listen to Sant Singh Maskeens Kathaa, he has said that you will know when there is a BrahmGiaanee around you because you will be able to feel his presence from 12 miles! Such is the Aura, such is the love.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


In the Human body we have 6 Chakras. The Root chakra is just below our Nabhee (Naval) - When we do Saas Giraas Simran we feel the Ras at the Naval Chakra. Our Simran travels upwards in our body i.e. From the Naval up to the Dasam Duaar, which is the crown Chakra. Now, really we want to be playing in the Dasam Duaar, there are different techniques for opening the Dasam Duaar, but firstly, we need to rise up to the 5th Chakra. We know when we are at this chakra because our Dhiaan (concentration) rises up to here and we start getting headaches/pains in between our eyes. Don't be put off by this, as it is normal, when you develop your Simran at this Chakra then it will pass.

We can pass the other Chakras and go straight up to the 5th Chakra with a certain method, that Daas is willing to reveal to anyone who wishes to know and is dedicated enough to practise.

At the 5th Chakra our breath-by-breath Simran ceases and it becomes totally internal the Ras and Dhiaan is felt in between our eyes. After much practise at this Chakra, a day comes when we feel something itching between our eyes (this is infact our Swaas travelling upwards) and our Dasam Duaar opens; then we get DARSHAN of VAHEGURU and Anhad Shabad starts tinkling within our self. Anhad Shabad is real Keertan heard within our self and not just a figment of the mind.

oulattath pavan chakr khatt bhaedhae surath su(n)n anaraagee
I turned my breath inwards, and pierced through the six chakras of the body, and my awareness was centered on the Primal Void of the Absolute Lord.

The above stage that Gurbani is talking about is called Sunn Samaadhee, it is beyond the Dasam Duaar and is a stage where there is just YOU AND VAHEGURU.

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Quiet alot of people have been asking me about Amritvelaa recently. This shows that Amritvelaa is a big part of everyones life. It is at Amritvelaa that the Khalsa drinks Amrit Ras.

It is usually at this time that we get to meditate on Vaheguru without any disturbances. Some people get up at 1am, some at 3am, some at 5am, it all shows how much devotion you have for the Guru. The earlier you wake up the more sleep you sacrifice for your Guru.

If you want to wake up for Amritvelaa then you must do a sincere Ardaas infront of Guru Sahib and he will most definately bless you. Amritvelaa recharges our batteries for the day and keeps our Naam Abhiyaas ticking all day long, just like RehNsvaees keep our Naam Abhiyaas ticking for weeks. If you read 'In search of the Perfect Guru' by Bhai Rama Singh, you will note that he stresses so much on the importance of Amritvelaa.

Another point that I would like to bring to your attention is that we experience alot of our spiritual happenings at the time of Amritvelaa. Bhai Raghbir Singh who wrote 'Bandginama' writes that he used to get up at 12am without telling any of his family and do Simran, he writes that he experienced alot of happenings at that particular time.

Monday, July 11, 2005

London Bombings

Daas has heard about the London Bombings and feels totally sad at how cruel these people are. Such people do not have an iota of kindness inside them. They have claimed many innocent lives; they too will not be spared by the Yams beatings, most terrible.

These people are fundamentalists and will not rest until they make everyone believe in the same things they do. It reminds of a Saakhee of Shaheed Bhai Fauja Singh. There was a bully in a pind who was much larger than everyone else and used to harass them in different ways, he once got hold of a Bhujangee Singh and beat him. The Bhujangee Singh went and told Bhai Fauja Singh. Bhai Fauja Singh being the Rassiyaa Gurmukh he was scolded the Bhujangee, and asked him why he got beaten up when he had the Dastaar of Guru Gobind Singh on his head. Bhai Fauja Singh himself went and confronted the Bully and asked him to give up his evils ways and come into Sikhi as he had alot of guN (qualities) that Bhai Sahib saw in him, such as his strength. The Bully then shouted abuse at Bhai Sahib and started physically fighting with him, Bhai Sahib then pulled out his weapon and killed the Bully. Bhai Sahib then handed himself in to the Police.

This Saakhee shows us that Guru Sahib himseld sends Pure Naam Rassiye Gurmukhs down for the Raakhiaa of the down-trodden and Chardeekalaa-ness of the Panth. We should all realise that we have this same Jot inside us that can make us into Naam Abhiyaasees, only if we looked within ourselves. The whole Universe is contained within our own being...but most foolish people such as myself do not realise because we have never even tried to Jap Naam before and feel the love for EVERYONE.
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