Thursday, April 21, 2005


Daas came across a topic called Tatoos whilst surfing on SikhSangat.Com. According to the Rehat Maryada, that every Sikh should adhere to, having a tatoo is wrong. Why not have the tatoo of Naam instead engraved in the tablet of our hearts? Then again there is a baseless arguement that our elders, i.e. - Grandparents had tatoos of Ik Oankaar etc on their hands, this is true. Daas' Gursikh Bibi used to have one on her hand. However, it was due to lack of knowledge in them days. Therefore, this arguement is out of the question. Now because we have the knowledge of this, we should aim to get a true tatoo made from Prem Ras, this tatoo will be called NAAM RAS.

May Maharaj bless the whole universe with this tatoo of Love.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


It is very important to listen to people when they are talking, as when Daas talks to people, sometimes Daas' fickle mind can wander off into Naam Simran.

This is why listening to people is important, as listening shows Compassion in a Sikh. Also, when we as Sikhs are being talked to we needs to root ourselves back down to Earth and listen, because; as Sikhs we should be Japping Naam 24 Hours a day, Dhin Raath. Obviously our Avastha should be so high that we are above the world and do not pay much interest in our worldly affairs, because they are all under the Gurus control once we start on his path.

"Suniaai Sidh Peer Sur Naath, Suniaai Dharat Dhaval Akaash"
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