Monday, January 31, 2005


One thing Daas has noticed in his place of work is that alot of people go around looking like the 'Don'. This is quiet evident in the Youth here. Only that person shines out out of these people who continously carries his Naam-Khanda. These people are such that they shine out.

Currently, Daas is listening to the Shabad 'Gursikha kee har dhooR dai' - Oh Lord, give me the dust of the Gursikhs. The currents Daas recieves from this Shabad are unbearable.

Aah! Unbearable. The person who does non-stop abhiyaas himself becomes nimaaNa (humble). By becoming the dust of everyone, our Ego is eradicated from our system, and thus Naam comes to abide within the altar of our own heart.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Buddhism and Sikhi

Over these past few months, Daas has been quiet attracted to the Buddhist faith because of their strict lifestyle and long sittings in Meditation. This is why whenever you see Buddhists on T.V. and what not they look very carefree and peaceful. This stage is reached with their intense devotion to meditation, however all meditation is, ultimately, fruitless if it is devoid of Gurmat.

The True Guru has given us the realization of Naam in this dark age of Kaljug. Tell me, what better realization can there be? Infact, if you realise about the beauty and height of Naam in Kaljug in this lifetime, then it shows that you must have some extraordinary Karam from previous births.

Even being Buddhist and doing meditation means you have some extraordinary deeds from last lives, but they are not so great as to be being born in the House of Guru Nanak as Buddhists do not even believe in Kartar (the Creator i.e. God).

However what really has drawn me to the attention of Buddhism is that they are completely in touch with their innerself because they have achieved a certain level with a certain amount of self-restriction and devotion to meditation. In the same way Sikhs should competely engross themselves in Naam Meditation day in day out. Night and Day, 'Dhin Rehn Saas Saas GuN Gaavaa'.

Buddhists (or any one) can reach the Dasam Duaar through Meditation, however, it is harder through these faiths and requires alot of devotion. In Sikhi it is comparatively easy to reach the Dasam Duaar, also the reaching of Dasam Duaar of other faiths is shallow as there are no Swaas (breaths) of Vaheguru Simran that reside there, therefore they do not get Darshan of God (which is our aim). However being Gurmukh and japping Naam of Vaheguru with every Swaas we can reach the lofty Avastha of Dasam Duaar (Tenth Gate) and visualise God face-to-face. Thus, we are made Jeevan-Mukht - Liberated whilst still alive. And our janam in Guru Ghar becomes Safal.

But, this can only be done by remembering God himself and Simaring him in Meditation throughout the day. Such is the treasure Guru Gobind Singh Sahib has left behind for us.

Friday, January 28, 2005


Sitting in the midst of Bad - Sangat, the Naam just keeps on going. It is Maharajs apaar kirpa, that even in the sangat of Moorakhs maharaj himself holds our hand and pulls us out. Listening to Keertan is a major thing in Sikhi, it especally helps as a catalyst to get your Abhyiaas gong inside even when in bad sangat, as happening now. Guru Maharaj himself says 'Kaljug Meh Keertan Pardhaana'.


Daas is currently sitting here, supposed to be writing up an assignment. As Vahiguroo wills, so it will happen, and so it is happening. Whatever is written on your Mastak so it will come to pass. Daas’ has many bad karam, for which he has to pay his debt for. Sitting here in this sangat is one of them, although, these bad karam are being cut by doing simran in the midst of everyone, even whilst doing other work. We must remember the great Guru before imposing on any task, therefore our task will be fruitful and in the end our Simran will be most rewarding.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


We should learn from other Gurmukhs as much as possible, no matter what Jatha the are from. This is what daas has learnt from reading much literature on Gurmukhs. One example is keeping your eyes down. When we control our outer organs then we also come to control our atmaan. Keeping our eyes down (towards the floor), this controls our Lust. This is what daas learnt from Gurmukh Sant Baba Harnam Singh Ji Rampur kheRay wale.

The best way for Vaheguru Naam to Simar in your mind throughout the whole day is to do Amritvela. Bhai Sahib Rama Singh Ji said that doing Naam Abhyiaas at Amritvela is like winding up clock, it keeps the clock ticking (Simran) through out the whole day.

One good way aswell is to design a timetable to suit your own needs. In this timetable include small blocks of Simran sessions, say half an hour. After you feel comfortable and are not lazy, then you can change the times longer in say about a month or two.

Daas did this in small blocks, 5 mins - 15 mins, half an hour, an hour. Once you have conquered an hour you will just sit their subconciously by yourself and carry on with simran for another hour, this way your Simran routine will increase. Spiritual things always happen inside the fort of your body.

Monday, January 24, 2005


Today daas admits he had forgotten Naam for some time during the day. It is so hard in Kaljug. Even though Naam may vaj always in the back of my mind, however daas never concentrated on it today. Daas also admits even though he did all his Paath today, his mind was still lazy and did not do Simran.

This is a major lapse in our Rehat. Rehni Rehai Soee Sikh Mera, 'Oh Sahib Meh Uska Chera' - Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

As long as we stick to our Rehat we will continue getting all our blessings from Guru Maharaj. Rehat is Naam.

Naam is everything. Everything vibrates with the one Vibe of Naam!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Guru Kirpa

Vaah-e-Guru. Great is the Guru. May Guru protect us from Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh and Ahankaar. The only way we can do this is by taking the sharan of Naam. We should not forget for an instant.

Singhs that stay in Saadh Sangat and Sadha Jap Naam are always outstanding and shining out. Their bodies develop a Golden Hue that just stands out. Although the Naam Abhiyaasee may try and hide it, the Naam will still shine out of his body.

These great Naam Abhiyaasees pay respect to none other than the Guru-Shabad.

When one starts to delve into themselves more (i.e. goes soul searching). Then that person finds his real self. His soul. Which is ultimately Vaaah-E-Guru

Saturday, January 22, 2005

hardest thing

Naam is the hardest thing in the universe to obtain. It can only be obtained through the kirpa of the Sat Guru.

Daas tries to vaj Naam mentally throughout the day in some quiet undesirable Sangat (i.e. at school or at work). When daas forgets Naam for a moment then Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh and Ahankaar grab hold of him, daas mostly forgets Naam whilst talking, therefore it is best to stay Moandhari (quiete).



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